Storm around Vík

 Vík is a small town in the south of Iceland, which is famous for it's black beach. You may recognise those stones from the sea - they've been seen in several films, TV-series and music videos. Though the story tells that they were actually two elves, which didn't hurry enough to reach the land before the sunrise.. 

Vík is also interesting town, because it lays just beside to a glacier called Mýrdallsjökull, which is hiding under its ice cap a volcano called Katla. Scientists are calculating that Katla should erupt pretty soon. Usually the Eyjafjallajökulls eruption (the one, which closed the Europe's aviation traffic) is a tricker for Katla. Though Katla's eruptions may cause big problems not only for Iceland and Europe, but for the rest of the world as well. 

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